Our current price is : 119€ (without drinks)

Please be informed that while making a reservation at Latitude 25, a guarantee of 119€/person is required to secure your seat(s).

Currently, our bookings are open for the next three months. If your chosen date appears unavailable, it could be beyond our current booking range.

For further date questions, please feel free to inquire via email at:

This amount will not be charged to your account initially, it will only serve as authorization in case of a no-show.

You have the flexibility to modify your booking should you be unable to attend on the scheduled date.

Kindly reach out to us at least 12 hours before your reservation to make any necessary changes. Our contact information are provided below:

tel: +358 9 6128 6000


  1. Latitude 25 is a traditional Japanese sushi bar serving Omakase menus including cooked and raw seafood and shellfish. Our main ingredients are seafood, specifically for each reservation and party of guests. Our menu will depend on local seafood situation
  2. We require all customers to make a reservation for Omakase before visiting our place.
  3. Please let us know any dietary restrictions at least 5 hours before reservation time, or else they may not be accommodated. Unfortunately, certain dietary restrictions such as: no rice, no raw fish, no shellfish, no soy beans, vegetarian or vegan, cannot be accommodated.
  4. For all reservations, we will hold your seats for 10 minutes. After that time, we cannot guarantee the table/seat.
  5. We ask our guests to refrain from using perfume, cologne, and other fragrances as sushi is delicate and it may affect your dining experience.
  6. We ask our guests to put their phones on silent and use outside of Omakase table in case they have phone calls during the dinner.